Studio Etiquette

For the enjoyment of all our members, we ask that you please review and respect our polices.


- Before the start of any class, we ask that you please inform the instructor of any medical conditions, physical limitations, or 

  injuries that you may have.  


- First time clients are asked to please arrive 10 minutes prior to class for an introduction and a tour of the studio.  


- Classes begin promptly at their scheduled time, and we ask that you please arrive on time for your class.

- If you are absent at class start time, your spot in class may be given to a waitlisted client or a walk-in client.


- Students that arrive more than 5 minutes late for class or after the class warm-up will be turned away. There are no exceptions

  to this as it is for your safety. The class warm-up is an integral part of the workout to properly prepare your body and aids in

  injury prevention. 


- Yoga classes, particularly Restorative and Yin, will not accept a late attendance and the doors lock at start of class time. This

  is to ensure the enjoyment of the class for all of our members and to eliminate any disruption to the class flow.   


- Upon entering the studio, please ensure that cell phones are silenced and stored away.

- Chewing gum is not permitted in class.


- Please keep talking to a minimum during class as this can be distracting to others around you and to the instructor.

     - Regular socks cannot be worn on the main studio floor during any class. This is for your safety and regular socks do not allow

       for proper foot placement on the floor during the foot and legwork part of the routine. Bare feet are welcome, or non-slip grip

       socks can be worn. If you do not own a pair or have a pair with you during class, non-slip socks are available for you to

       purchase at the front desk.  

     - For classes that require or suggest sneakers, they must be clean, dry, indoor shoes only. We cannot allow members to walk

       in from the street and onto the studio floor with the same shoes and ask that you please have a clean and dry pair to change

       into. This is for your safety (in the case of wet shoes), and we also want to keep the studio pleasant for others. Finding sand,

       mud, dirt, and small pebbles on the main studio floor isn't fun.

infrared sauna

     - Please be mindful of your appointment start time and end time. Starting your session late does not mean ending late. We ask

      that you please be mindful of your appointment time and considerate to those scheduled to use the sauna after you.

     - We advise that you bring with you a large bottle of water and 2 towels for comfort. Clients that arrive to their scheduled sauna

       sessions without a towel will need to reschedule their appointment for another day.  


class cancellations



      - Any scheduled class cancelled less than 4 hours before class start time is subject to a $10 cancellation fee for unlimited month

       members and loss of class in case of class packs.

At Boston Barre we understand that life happens and schedules may change throughout the course of your day. We value our instructor's time and member's time and ask that should you need to cancel an already scheduled class, please do so no less than 4 hours before the class start time. This allows opportunity for another member, whom may have been placed on the waitlist, to attend the class. We regret that we cannot offer refunds due to missed classes.


footwear policy